Choosing Great Paid Android Applications

By Drew K Branshaw

Owning a phone that utilizes the Android operating system can be a blast. For one thing it means you own a smart phone (which is usually more enjoyable than a standard cellular phone). For another it means that if you have your phone with you, you won’t ever have to worry about being bored. Isn’t that why the Android apps were developed, to keep people form sitting around twiddling their thumbs? And to aid in making your everyday life more manageable? By now you have probably worked your way all the way through the free Android applications. However, messing around with paid apps can be frightening. You don’t want to blow too much money! To keep from thinking about money down the drain, here are the top paid Android applications (that is, from our point of view).

In spite of its name, Greed is a very affordable app for Android. It sounds like it is meant for money but it is not. Greed is an app that keeps up with RSS feeds. The app costs less than three bucks and for that small amount you will be able to share and track all of your favorite site feeds that you read through your Google Reader. If you are a fan of blogs or news sites, this application can help you keep on top of the latest releases from each of the sites you read regularly. You don’t have to worry about missing any stories or posts. You will even be able to read your feeds when your phone isn’t connected to the internet and you can use it to listen to podcasts and connect with twitter.

Checkbook Genius Hyper is an application with a funny name. Aside from the name, it really is a decent application. You don’t even spend four dollars on this application. It keeps track of your expenses. You can keep track of personal and business money spent. Your receipts will be account. You can keep your bills current, by using this application. You can even stay on top of multiple accounts. This is the application people want to have readily available to they as they go about on daily business.

It saves you from having to check multiple bank accounts when you want to check your balances as well as track your spending trends.

The PhonePlus Callback application might not be considered a “must have” by everyone but it is a godsend for people who think that they look rude when they refuse phone calls. The application only costs three dollars so you don’t have to worry about wasting a lot of money. This app will send an apology via text message to the phone number of the call you refuse. This way if you are unable to answer your phone, you don’t have to worry about the caller thinking you rude. When the number dialing you is not a mobile phone, the app will send an apology e-mail instead of a text.

Most people purchase smart phones because they want the fun of being able to play with apps. The apps might even be the whole reason you decided to buy your Android phone! Obviously, figuring out which of the top paid Android applications is the most worth your money can feel scary. You want to make a good investment but you also want to be free to have fun! The last thing you want to do is spend money on an app that isn’t worth your time or that you end up not using often.

Drew K Branshaw writes about insurance adjuster training and Xactimate.

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