How to Unlock Your iPhone

How to Unlock Your iPhone – Safely, Securely, and Easily

Are you looking for a reliable solution to answer your question of
How to Unlock Your iPhone? There are millions of users like you who want
to get maximum benefits from their phone but don’t know what the best
unlocking tool is in order to unlock it.

We have done the homework – t-mobile, orange, apple iphone,
and have tested all of the online unlocking programs to give save you
time and money when looking to buy an unlocked iphone solution.
Thatway there is no guess work when wondering how do you unlock an iPhone…

Benefits when looking how to Unlock an iPhone

In order to see the benefits of iPhone Unlocking, one must first
understand what does unlocked iPhone mean and the unlocking process
of such.
An Unlocked iPhone SIM is able to connect to any cellular
network provider in the world. This feature is almost always
restricted from the original service provider in order to keep you as
their customer.
By unlocking your mobile phone, you get the freedom
to choose your preferred cell phone network which obviously means
great benefits for the iphone user.
For example, you are no longer restricted to cell phone networks like AT&T,
T-mobile, Orange UK, and instead you are able to choose other service
providers like Sprint,Verizon, Fido, and any other iPhone GSM network.
Aside from the ability to choose your own mobile phone service, you get the
ability to download the latest iPhone Apps that were previously restricted in
the app store.
There are literally thousands of iPhone apps ready to
be downloaded but they are NOT in the Apple App store, instead they
are available through an app called Cydia.

The Cydia app store is installed on your phone once you
jailbreak and unlock your iPhone with our unlocking tool.

Is there any way How to Unlock iPhone for free?

The answer for this is a two-fold answer. Yes you can find free
software to unlock iphone. However, this Free iPhone unlock will
literally NEVER unlock it. This is because the majority of free
iphone unlocking software will either be just a virus that installs
on your computer, or it will “brick” your iPhone and the sim card.

When you brick an iPhone, it basically means the free unlock iPhone
software that you used has hacked iPhone baseband and firmware to the
point of no return.

Of the few “free unlocking iphone” that seems to
work, once you update the iPhone with iTunes it will always go back
to its original state, if you are lucky, or it will simply kill the
iphone activation because it appears to Apple to be a stolen iPhone
and therefore they disable it.
There are solutions out there from the dev team iPhone that provide
free unlocking tools such as redsn0w, yellowsn0w, ultrasn0w, blackra1n,
purplera1n, pwnage, and countless other free iphone unlocking programs.
However, we wouldn’t recommend them to anyone!

If there is any advice you take away from Unlock
iPhone, it is to stay away from these software programs for your
iPhone! There is no free iPhone unlocking process to give you a
“magic” unlock code.
Only we have the software to Unlock Your iPhone
automatically: How to Unlock Your iPhone..

The difference between other iPhone Unlock Software

When looking for the best iphone unlocking software in the market,
you have to take into considerations all of the features that this
unlocked iphone software has to offer. The best unlocking software
for iphone should give you many benefits for the least amount of time
spent unlocking the phone. The software unlock program must also have
the ability to jailbreak and unlock an iPhone. Without jailbreaking
an iphone, you cannot permanently unlock it. The process of
jailbreaking the iPhone involved a hack for iPhone bootloader and ssh
This technical jargon isn’t important for an iphone user to
remember, but the unlocking software one uses better use the proper
methods of unlocking and jailbreaking the phone. We are the only
source for new iPhone software that can correctly jailbreak and
unlock iPhone without any risks involved. Our iphone unlocker
software has the best iphone unlocking software review compared to
any other tool.

Unlock Your iPhone

How to Unlock iPhone 4

One of the most exciting things about the recent and most popular
iPhone 4, is the desire to unlock it. If you aren’t a technically
savvy person then you will find yourself wondering how to unlock the
iPhone 4. Whether you have a previously unlocked iPhone 3Gs or
unlocked iPhone 3G, Apple has made it so much more harder for hackers
to find an unlock for iPhone 4. Here is a simple easy to use guide
with step by step instructions how to unlock the iPhone 4.

Steps to follow to Unlock iPhone 4:

Step 1. The first thing to know about unlocking an iPhone 4, or
an iphone 3G and 3GS for that matter, is to find the best software
unlock for iPhone 4. This is usually the hardest part of the
unlocking process since it itsn’t easy to know where to unlock iphone
4. Perhaps our most important part here at Unlock the iPhone, is that
we have shopped around for unlocked iphone 4 software and due to the
fact that we were so dissapointed with these unlocking solutions, we
just decided it would be best to make our own unlocking tool. We are
proud to boast that our unlock software will free your iPhone’s sim
card to be able to use any cellphone network worldwide.

Step 2. After downloading the latest updated version of our
iphone software, you need to simply install it on your computer and
follow the process that you are prompted with.

Step 3. Once the program is opened, the software tool will
download the latest firmware ipsw file on your PC. If you don’t have
this firm ware file saved, then you will be able to download it
through the iphone 4 unlock program. You also want to make sure you
have updated your iTunes software on your computer before proceeding
to the next step.

Step 4. After all the prompts and instructional notices, you will
first see an explaination of how to unlock a iPhone 4. Most iphone 4s
will come with factory 4.2.1 firmware or 4.1 firmware, but the
jailbreaking process will automatically update the phone to a more
recent firmware version such as 4.3.5 and optionally the new 5.0
firmware. It is up to your discretion which unlocked iphone firmware
you choose, so choose wisely.

Step 5. The actual timed process of how to jailbreak and unlock
iphone 4 usually only takes a few minutes, but the iphone 4 unlocker
speed can depend on your computer setup and performance. Once the
iPhone4 is successfully jailbroken you will proceed to the next step
of the unlock for iphone.

Step 6. After the you’ve passed the process of how to jailbreak,
next up will be the iphone 4.0 unlocking process. The method of the
actual iphone unlock will take advantage of the previously jailbroken
sim card, and it will modify the same firmware version that was done
by the program in the jailbreaking process. The unlock software,
unlike gevey pro or other bad solutions, will make it so that the
boot loader will skip dfu mode and not validate the cellular iphone
activation. Basically, this just means it skips validating your
iPhone sim card with the factory locked iphone network provider, and
thus making it an unlocked iphone 4.

Step 7. Once the unlocking tool completes, your iPhone will
reboot once or twice while it installs third party apps like Cydia.
This makes it easy to take advantage of an unlocked phone without
being very technical. You may temporary lose internet connection
right away but that doesn’t mean the unlocking iphone program is
finished. You will lastly get the image on your iPhone screen that
says ‘succesfully unlocked’. Once you see that on your unlocked
iPhone 4, it is now time to enjoy the advantages of benefits and
features. Never again will you wonder how to unlock iphone 4, because
you now have the answer to it!
This method also applies if you are wondering how to unlock iphone 3GS

You heard it correctly – even if you are wondering how to unlock an
iphone 3Gs or how to unlock the iphone 3G, our iphone unlock software
will show you how to unlock a phone regardless of its make or model.
Also, our unlock iphone unlock program works on all firmware versions
whether it is non-updated 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, and 4.2.1 firmware along
with updated iPhone firmware like 4.3, 4.3.1, and 4.3.5. The secret
to unlock iphone is simply our attention to what users want in their
unlocking solution. Take the plunge and Visit: how to unlock iphone 4

How to Unlock iPhone 3G?
Unlocking 3G iPhone(or any model) refers to the process which comes
after jailbreaking iphone which breaks the carrier restrictions on
your phone, enabling the use of your phone on different carriers. Why
do people unlock their phones? There are primarily three reasons.

Firstly, people unlock their iPhones to use them on other networks
which they prefer. When the iPhone was launched, its provider inked
exclusive deals with different providers to maintain the high price
and to tie the phone with an expensive mobile plan. If your current
carrier you are on does not offer the phone or the carrier that does
offer the whole has poor coverage, you were out of luck. Before the
unlocking process that is.

After unlocking the iphone, you will be able to ditch the “default”
carrier and go to the carrier that you prefer. Perhaps the carrier
that has the iPhone has poor coverage, poor speeds or poor customer
service. Unlocking your iPhone would mean that you do not have to put
up with this substandard deal, allowing you to use your iPhone on
your own preferred network for whatever reason, be it loyalty
discounts, better coverage or better speed. Unlocking is generally a
safe process which is unlikely to cause breakdown if you do it
carefully. However, in the event that something does go wrong, you
can always restore the phone back to its original state using iTunes
for warranty purposes.

Secondly, unlocking your iPhone allows for flexibility when reselling
your iPhone. If you choose to sell your iPhone on the open market,
you would be severely limiting your selling price by only targeting
users of a single network. By unlocking your iPhone, you can not only
sell your phone to users of other network carriers in your country,
you can also sell it to a global audience using auction services such
as eBay or one of many iphone forums that are wanting unlocked
iphones. Usability is more or less assured Indeed, flexibility of
usage is one of the primary reasons for unlocking your iPhone. Be it
for giving to a family member or friend, an unlocked iPhone will
offer you flexibility that you never had.

Thirdly, unlocking your iPhone 8gb, 16gb, or 3gb empowers to you use
your iPhone when using a different network overseas. Often, it is
cost effective to purchase a prepaid SIM card when overseas to avoid
the hefty roaming charges on your mobile phone. However, such a
method is not possible on an iPhone which is not unlocked. By
unlocking your phone, you are able to make calls or data connections
for a cheaper price by using the local carrier. This would be
especially useful if you will be residing in a foreign country for
more than a week. Furthermore, you will be able to keep your main SIM
card safely with you at all times to minimize the loss if your phone
is stolen.

Unlocking the iPhone is an appealing option to gain the flexibility
of location, reselling and carrier choice. Mobile plans and services
form a substantial amount of the total costs that you will be paying
to maintain your iPhone’s connectivity. There is no reason why you
should compromise in that aspect.

Best iPhone Unlocking Software Information

Most novice users find themselves wondering how to unlock an iphone,
but little knowledge about the iphone unlock solutions available to
them. Crucial Information about Jailbreaking your iPhone that
everyone should know.
Contrary to popular belief, jailbreaking and unlocking refers to two
different things. Jailbreaking would refer to the hacking of your
iPhone to break developer restrictions, install third party
applications and other tweaks. In order to software unlock your
iPhone, it would need to be jailbroken first.

What exactly is jailbreaking? Jailbreaking is the process of
exploiting the iPhone’s operating system to gain full access to its
functionality and remove restrictions placed upon the hardware of the
system by its manufacturer.
This process allows users to then
download third party applications which have not been approved on the
AppStore, to execute them in ways previously restricted and to enable
root access. This means that themes, extensions and graphical
interfaces can be revamped by third party developers without AppStore
Each time a new version of iOS is released that patches the
previous exploits, software teams work to create new versions of
software to jailbreak. However, depending on the date of the new
firmware release, one of the two different types of jailbreak
exploits may be available- a tethered jailbreak or an untethered

A tethered jailbreak would require the device to be connected to a
computer each time the device is restarted or loses its charge. This
device cannot be booted up in a jailbroken state unless it is “re-
jailbroken”. This process does not wipe out the current data though.

An untethered jailbreak, on the other hand, does not require the aid
of a desktop to restore its jailbroken state. If the device is
restarted or runs out of battery, it will remain jailbroken when it
is started up again.

Despite its name, jailbreaking has been ruled by the U.S. Copyright
Office to be legal. Both unlock jailbreak iphone are permitted to
allow users to use their phones with other applications not available
in the AppStore and with other mobile carriers. In fact, in 2010, the
Library of Congress confirmed that jailbreaking has been exempted
from the normal DCMA rules. This, however, does not mean that Apple
will not patch up its exploits.

Unlock Your iPhone

Instead, expect jailbreaking to be
more and more complicated as iPhone is patched with technical
countermeasures against jailbreaking and unlocking of iPhones.
Some sources claim that unlocking iphone will void your warranty.

However, this does not mean that it is easy for them to find out.
Manufacturers will have to physically hold the device in order to
determine if the device is jailbroken, and even this can be easily
circumvented by restoring your iPhone through iTunes. Even if your
screen is damaged or crack, connection with iTunes is still very

Where did the terms jailbreaking and unlocking come about?
A large part of the credits would have to go to the jailbreaking
community, which primarily consists of the iPhone Dev Team, a group
of dedicated people who have made jailbreaking a reality for common
users like you and me.

Now that you have learned how to unlock the iphone, try it out for
yourself and explore the hidden cache of wonderful applications,
games, theme and settings available for your use. If you’re anything
like me, you will be kicking yourself for not doing it earlier.

The only question remaining is how much to unlock an iphone? Well since
we provide the cheapest iphone unlocking solution, take the next step
and visit our Purchase page! Click Here!

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